Curiosity, love of adventure

and a fairly reckless attitude toward 'being responsible'

pretty much sums up the two of us.

Thirty years ago (yes, scary number) we ventured out with our backpacks,
on our first big OE* to Australia, Singapore, USA, United Kingdom, France, Greece and Egypt.

Journeys of discovery have been a brightly coloured thread
woven through the fabric of our lives ever since.

When at home, we run a specialist travel consultancy

in Titirangi, Auckland, New Zealand;
getting alongside awesome clients
who share our curiosity for the world out there.

We feel so privileged to be able to experience new places,
cultures, history, architecture, and equally, to
explore our own country with fresh eyes.

For us, it doesn't matter how far we travel,
it is what we pause to see
and who we stop to meet along the way.

Happy Journeys!

Thanks for stopping by

Rod & Krystene Vickers

*overseas adventure (Kiwi speak)